Latin Name:Rosa Canadian Shield Canadian Shield Rose

Height: 48-60"

Spread: 36-48"


Flower Colors: Red

Flower Seasons: Summer,Fall

Growth Habits: Round,Upright


Cold Hardiness: Zone 3

Water Needs: Moderate

Foliage Color: Green


Named after the ancient Canadian Shield formation that covers more than half of Canada. The Canadian Shield™ rose is truly Canadian, possessing a refined beauty yet hardy enough to thrive in the diverse conditions found across Canada. Its flowers are scarlet red and fully double with 42 to 52 petals per flower. Individual blossoms are large, averaging eight cm (3 in.) in diameter. Small clusters of flowers are produced all over the plant, appearing in heavy flushes from mid summer to fall.

The flowers are mildly fragrant, further setting them apart from many modern rose hybrids. A versatile landscape plant, the Canadian Shield rose is a robust, compact shrub with an upright form that will grow up to 150 cm (5 ft.) tall and 120 cm (4 ft.) wide. The plants are bushy, with glossy green foliage that looks great all season long. Use it as a great feature specimen in a smaller garden or in a group planting, where you can take advantage of its superior ornamental qualities. As the name suggests, the Canadian Shield™ rose is winter hardy across Canada to Zone 3. Like all roses that come out of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, it is disease resistant and will not succumb to black spot or powdery mildew.