Common Name:  Columbine Aquilegia Dorothy Rose

Height: 24-30 Inches
Spread: 18-24 Inches
Flower Color: Pink shades
Foliage Color: Green shades
Hardiness Zone: 4,5,6,7,8
Sun or Shade?: Full sun (> 6 hrs. direct sun)  Part shade (4-6 hrs. direct sun)
Wet or dry?: Average water needs   Consistent water needs
Want to see wings?: Attracts butterflies  Attracts hummingbirds
Need critter resistant plants?:
Rabbit resistant
How fast should it grow?: Medium
When should it bloom?: Late spring  Early summer
How's your soil?: Average Soil   Fertile Soil
Sweet or Sour Soil?: Acidic Soil (pH < 7.0)  Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)
What's your garden style?: Woodland/Shade  Cottage  Eclectic

An outstanding and totally unique columbine. The light rose-pink flowers of 'Dorothy Rose' are "hose-in-hose" style, meaning that several flowers are set inside one another. They look like little granny's bonnets, hence their common name "Granny's Bonnet". These distinctive blossoms are complimented by the attractive light blue-green foliage. This selection debuted at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1999.

Aquilegia is especially lovely when allowed to naturalize in shady, woodland borders. They also have excellent potential as cut flowers, lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.