The Corona virus has affected our daily lives and how we conduct business.  But it is spring!  It is time to plant and watch things grow.  At Canada Green Nursery and Garden we understand your need for gardening, but we are also we are concerned about your safety and the safety of our employees.  That is why we have implemented some new rules.

 Maintain social distancing inside our two Greenhouses: Please enter by the door at the back of each greenhouse and then exit out by the front door.  We have arranged one-way traffic to prevent our customers from bumping into one another.  The traffic pattern will prevent shoppers crossing paths and will facilitate keeping a safe distance between each other. 

 Masks and Gloves: Everyone who works here will be wearing masks and gloves and we are asking all of our customers to do the same.  Masks minimize the risk of exposure to contaminated breathing particles, and gloves are needed because each of you will be opening and closing the doors of the greenhouses. Make sure you bring your own mask; if you need disposable gloves we will happy to give you a pair.

 Wide Outdoor Paths:  All of the paths around our outdoor displays are a generous 20 feet wide.  Shoppers are being asked to keep “right”.  That means everyone walks on the right side of the pathways.  This will assure everyone can keep at least six feet between each other.  Social distancing also means that you keep at least six feet between you and the people ahead of you.  While this may slow your pace some, think of it as an opportunity to enjoy the spring weather and explore some plants you weren’t even considering.  Even if you don’t buy them, you may learn something new and that is always a good thing.

 No Cash: Until this pandemic is over we will be accepting credit and debit cards only.  We are doing our part to prevent undue spread of this terrible ailment.

 Hand Sanitizer Stations: We have installed hand sanitizer stations and these dispensers are marked with signs.  We encourage everyone to use the Dettol liberally to disinfect the outside of your gloves.

 We are here to help you escape safely into your garden:  The best way to know what people want is to ask; so we did.  We took a gardeners survey in New Brunswick and found out that half of our customers are considering vegetable gardening as a part of their food security provisions.   This season we are growing more vegetables and herbs,  80% of our greenhouse production is allocated to growing the largest possible variety of vegetables and herbs.

 Our Commitment to the Community:  Canada Green Nursery prides itself on the quality of its plants. During this pandemic we will maintain the tradition of excellence for which you come to our nursery.We will continue growing the widest possible variety of perennials, ornamental shrubbery, small fruit shrubs, plus fruit and shade trees.  In addition we stock charming pottery as garden accessories.  We have a wide assortment of vegetables (including heirloom varieties) as well as herbs for cooking and medicinal uses.  We are still planning our “U Pick Tomato Greenhouse” for this summer where you hand pick with gloves your own vine-ripened tomatoes.  Watch for our St. George grown garlic in the fall.  The virus has not affected our eagerness to talk garden and give gardening advice Visit us with your gardening questions.  We always enjoy talking about plants ,and ways to make your garden grow better and we are committed to carry on this communication with our customers safely during this pandemic.