Common name: Blanket Flower Gaillardia A. Arizona Red Shade

Height: 10-12 Inches
Spread: 12 Inches
Flower Color:   Red shades
Foliage Color: Green shades
Hardiness Zone: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Sun or Shade?: Full sun (> 6 hrs. direct sun)
Wet or dry?: Low water needs Average water needs
Want to see wings?: Attracts butterflies
Need critter resistant plants?: Deer resistant
How fast should it grow?: Medium
When should it bloom?: Early summer Midsummer Late summer Early fall
How's your soil?: Poor Soil Average Soil
Sweet or Sour Soil?: Acidic Soil (pH < 7.0) Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)
What's your garden style?: Container/Patio Prairie Cottage Eclectic

This perennial produces masses of large, crimson red blossoms from early summer all the way into early fall, even under hot and dry conditions.  Since it is produced from seed, about 20% of the flowers will have slight yellow tips. 

What sets this new variety apart from the older ‘Burgundy’ is its much shorter, compact size and uniform habit that is perfect for pot production.  Its well-branched stems ensure your finished plants will fill out the container nicely and have a long shelf life at retail.  Plants will flower the first year from seed.

These perennials require little care once established. They are heat tolerant and actually prefer to be grown in poorer soils. They get their name from the manner in which they used to blanket North American prairies with their blooms. They can still be found in fields and along roadsides in the prairie region and into the Rockies.