Common name: Pinks Dianthus Fire And Ice

Height: 10 Inches
Spread: 14 Inches
Flower Color: Red shades
Foliage Color: Green shades
Hardiness Zone: 4,5,6,7,8,9
Sun or Shade?: Full sun (> 6 hrs. direct sun)  Part shade (4-6 hrs. direct sun)
Wet or dry?: Low water needs  Average water needs
Want to see wings?: Attracts butterflies
critter resistant plant: Deer resistant
How fast should it grow?: Medium
When should it bloom?: Early summer Early fall
Seasonal interest?: Evergreen (in some or all zones)
Soil: Average Soil acidity Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0) Alkaline Soil (pH > 7.0)

Garden style: Container/Patio  Cottage  Rock Garden  Eclectic


Cute as a button but sharp as a tack!  This petite new selection produces a shower of cheerful raspberry colored, 1-1½” round blossoms with tiny light pink spots and a sharply precise, white picotee edge on each petal.  Unlike many Dianthus, this one has nearly smooth edged petals and its contrasting colors really make it pop.  You’ll love its sweet fragrance too! 

Grey-green foliage forms a short, dense, compact, rounded clump that is the perfect size for edging.